So here we are… a whole year on from that time the world stopped and we all signed up for the Disney+ trial knowing we were going to be at home for a while. Everything was so unknown (and still is to an extent) and many businesses, including ours, were forced to pivot and find new ways of working.

Recording studios were forced to close their doors to the public and wait it out until restrictions eased. We found ourselves in a strange position where we couldn’t even be in together so we began taking alternate days to come in (armed with Dettol) and finish off some of the projects we’d been working on. During this time, we actually found a new way of writing and focussing on our own creativity which was really cool and resulted in a total change in direction for our band The Girl Who Cried Wolf. You can, of course, check out our EPs made throughout lockdown and maybe we’ll talk a bit about them in another blog post…

Over the years, we’ve actually been part of many remote and online projects. Pretty much all the mastering we do is online, as is our remote drum tracking service, but one of our favourite things to do is production for solo artists. We’ve had so many singer-songwriters come see us, have a tea and plan out how we can achieve the right sound for their songs. They’d record their parts, we’d talk about dynamics, sound and feel, then they’d leave us to see what we could come up with.

We have missed this process a lot but it has been amazing to see so many artists invest in home recording setups and committing the time required to get a project off the ground. We’ve found a real excitement in collaborating in new ways: whether it’s bouncing ideas back and forth or being handed the bones of a song and given complete trust and freedom to take it in our own direction!

There’s been a lot of great music made in the face of adversity and we are proud to play a small part in that.

We had all of this in mind when doing up our website. We have a massive desire to help others creatively by producing and polishing off songs, but we felt it important to share some of our knowledge too. From advising others on their home recording, we’ve made some tips and guides that you can download for free. We’ve also added options of one-to-one vocal and production sessions to help hone your skills and work specifically to your needs. You can check all of this out at the NovaSkills page here.

It’s been a challenging year but it’s given us the time and space to refocus, recharge and appreciate how lucky we are to do what we do.

Stay positive. We got this!

Audrey & Lauren xx 

2 thoughts on “BEEN QUITE THE YEAR, EH?

  1. Tommy says:

    Your 2 Eps have been a constant on my own playlists and even a few tracks made it onto my shows. Looking forward to what 2021 brings to us all in this brave new world.

    • Audrey Tait says:

      That’s so appreciated, Tommy! You’ve been relentless in putting out shows during this whole whirlwind of a year. Hopefully lots more great stuff to come for us all ✌🏻

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