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Would Highly Recommend

Worked with Audrey and Lauren on a new release recently, they helped me mix the track as well as play drums on it. They are really easy to work with and I am looking forward to working with them both more on my album.

David Roddie / Musician

Highly recommended!

Audrey put down some live drums for my original compositions, exactly how I wanted. Perfect results. So easy to work with. I’ll be getting my tracks mixed there later in the year too.

Ross Ferguson / Musician

Great working with Lauren and Audrey

Very high quality service in both production and drum tracking.Would definitely recommend them if are looking to take your track to the next level. Look forward to working with Novasound in the future.

Chris Struthers / Musician

Excellent studio/production house

Audrey and Lauren are thoroughly professional and knowledgeable, a real pleasure to work with. I have recorded an album and two singles at Novasound and doubt I will go anyone else for my next project. They added extra instruments to my recordings, such as drums, keyboards and backing vocals. They also had no issues recording various different instruments for our album, these included banjo, mandolin and various whistles. I have worked with dozens of producers over the years and found myself most relaxed and comfortable at Novasound. They are the best in the business

Kevin Smith / Musician

What can I say?

These two utter stars made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and even confident by the end of the session when we were recording songs for a film for the NTS. Singing isn’t my thing but Audrey and Lauren were so professional and fun at the same time that I ended up loving every second in the booth. Can’t recommend them both enough. They are so talented. Made me wish I was in the band with them!

Julie Wilson Nimmo / Actor

Working in Novasound is great!

No job is too small or too big for Audrey and Lauren, I’ve went from simply recording vocals to a full live band with Audrey drumming and Lauren singing,from doing small takes for other producers to a full mix and master. They can be as hands on or hands off as you want them to be. They get immersed in your project as if it’s their own and you always come away with a tremendous finished article. Audrey and Lauren are great banter as well and don’t clock watch. I don’t usually record in Glasgow as I find most studios quite soulless environments but Novasound is ran by two music nuts who know what it really means. I can’t recommend the place enough.

Brian Jamieson / Rapper

Top quality production, musical arrangements and mastering

Professional artists and studio engineers.You will not be disappointed.

James McGuigan / Writer

Can’t wait to work on future projects!!

Worked with Audrey and Lauren on some new tracks for our band The Decadent Movement. Audrey tracked drums and Lauren added keys and they mixed and mastered both tracks. 10/10 work from Novasound

Jaz Brannan / Musician

Thank you ladies. Ace…

When I arrived at the studio I had absolutely no idea of the process of recording music. My original goal of recording a few songs grew into an album which I am pleased with and proud of. Your gentle guidance and experience was vital and made the process enjoyable and fun. Everyone has a book or a song in them and I would encourage anyone to have a go regardless of their musical background. Audrey and Lauren are a great team and have great imagination

Robert Liddle / Musician

Top of their game!

Current and contemporary. Very experienced. Great turnarounds on projects.

Louis James / Writer

Would definitely recommend!

I have used Novasound for a lot of the projects that I have worked on and the experience is brilliant. They are so welcoming and lovely and even this year with the pandemic I have worked with them and their turnaround period is quick and efficient and they always deliver an amazing production.

Kerry Margaret / Singer

I couldn’t have asked for more!

I worked with Novasound recording some tracks for a vocal reel. The girls were fantastic – they gave me great advice and were incredibly professional throughout the day. They made me feel totally at ease throughout the whole recording process. The turnaround for the tracks was much sooner than I expected and were amazing quality. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Gill McGowan / Actor

Recommend all day long

Mint wee studio run by a pair of absolute legends. Efficient, excellent turnaround, stellar craic.

Owen Sutcliffe / Emcee

The team at Novasound are brilliant!

I worked with them when they helped me produce a spoken word track over original music. They provided me with a welcome space for me to record my vocals, and produced an awesome track. They added things into the mix that I wasn’t even able to articulate that I wanted, they are quite simply instinctively awesome. Not only that, Audrey and Lauren are super sound – anyone would be lucky to have them on a collaborative project 🙂

Cat Hepburn / Poet

Cant wait to work on future projects!

Worked with Audrey and Lauren on some new tracks for our band The Decadent Movement. Audrey tracked drums and Lauren added keys and they mixed and mastered both tracks. 10/10 work from Novasound.

Niall McNaughtan / Musician

Will happily recommend them to anyone!

We’ve worked with Novasound on a number of different projects and can not recommend them enough! Highly professional, collaborative and reliable team who provide an adaptable, bespoke service for every job. Their remote drum tracking is phenomenal and lifted our recordings to professional studio quality. As they are writers themselves, they share an extensive knowledge of production techniques, as well as creative process, which makes communication during any project really effortless. It’s just fantastic to have a successful, female-led studio in Scotland.

Noisemaker Productions / Musical Theatre

Absolutely loved working with Novasound!

Every step of the way they made sure I felt comfortable and supported. It felt like such a collaborative experience as well as still having the guidance I needed!! I can’t recommend this time enough and I’m excited to hopefully work with them again in the future.

Michelle Hopewell / Actor

Absolutely brilliant to work with!

They composed and produced the soundtrack to my first film-poem and did an amazing job! Would highly recommend Novasound!

Jenny Lindsay / Poet

Professional and high quality studio to work with

The owners are dedicated to getting the best outcome from each project. 100% recommend Novasound if you’re looking for the creations of soundtracks, scores or producers to work on your next track with!

Rosie Bans / Songwriter-Producer

A pleasure to work with!

I use Nova Sound for a variety of projects. Everything is delivered on time and to budget and the quality is exactly what we want.

Paul Grieve / Music Manager

The NOVASOUND team are absolutely fantastic to work with!

Attentive, enthusiastic, and creative – they take the time to understand what you are looking to achieve, and push for perfection with every single song I have brought to them. They consistently give my work the professional touch that I can’t do on my own and offer their own recommendations whilst still respecting your own opinion – which is something I have struggled to find working with some producers in the past as many go off on their own tangent. I’m normally a picky individual myself and always strive for that perfect sound, so it is refreshing to work with a team that are keen to achieve the same objectives AND be patient enough to redo many mixes to suit my tastes. Highly recommend for anyone of any ability simply to get that outsider opinion and highly professional polish.

Allan Purvis / Artist

All the best for 2021 NS!

Before the pandemic I had the pleasure of recording 2 tracks with producers Audrey & Lauren at Novasound. It was a very fun welcoming experience and was also my first experience recording as a solo artist. Throughout the year I recorded 2 further tracks remotely which were then mixed and mastered at Novasound. Special thanks for the services provided and for all your hard work and guidance. I highly recommend this studio, especially in my case where you might not have a full band setup but you have that sound in your head!

Jordan Fyfe / Singer-Songwriter